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Best Glide

Light Stick - 12 Hour - Green
by Best Glide

This is a life limited item. Be sure to keep track of expiration dates.

Cyalume Chemical Lightsticks

-Cyalume Lightsticks are guaranteed leak proof, water proof, and are non-toxic.

-are 100% reliable and maintenance-free with consistent light output & performance.

-are non electrical and don’t use batteries, bulbs or lenses, non-corrodible

-Cyalume Lightsticks will not generate heat or sparks and are non-flammable.

-Cyalume Lightsticks are safe, convenient, practical and maintenance-free.

-reliable in hazardous situations where life will be lost if products do not perform.

-have a 4 year verifiable shelf life with a printed expiration date on package.

-Cyalume Lightsticks activate manually, on demand, in seconds.

-Cyalume Lightsticks emit 360 degree of bright, reliable light.

-need no special storage requirements.

-are fresh products made to order.

-Cyalume Lightsticks are made in the USA.

-are an official supplier to US Government - issued National Stock Numbers (NSN)

Price valid online only, we cannot honor this price in store.

From the Best Glide Department.

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