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Kershaw Sporting

1095SBT Sportsman's Blade Trader
by Kershaw Sporting

The right Blade Trader when your sport is in the field AND on the water

Sportsmen know that having the right tool for the job makes every job easier. But how can you take more tools without taking up all your gear space? Kershaw has one answer: the Sportsman's Blade Trader. The Sportsman's Blade Trader provides the convenience of multiple, interchangeable blades, but with a single handle.

There's no reason to carry the whole tool, when it’s just the sharp end that you want. The Sportsman's Blade Trader is a great choice for the multi-disciplinary sportsman. The set includes a versatile clip-point hunting blade to take care of field dressing and around-the-campsite chores. There's also a sturdy saw blade for sawing through bones out in the field or helping make kindling back at the camp. And for when your sport takes you to the water, there's a handy fillet knife to make your catch grill ready. It only takes seconds to change blades using the Blade Trader’s exclusive Quik-Lock mechanism. Just lift up the Quik-Lock, remove the first blade, replace it with the second, then close the Quik-Lock.

Both blades, plus the comfortable Blade Trader handle, store in a compact, rigid-nylon sheath. The steel used to make each blade is matched to its specific application. And like the blades themselves, each Blade Trader handle is engineered with attention to function and form. Even after years of constant use, the patented Quik-Lock mechanism will securely hold each blade in place. To make the job more comfortable, the non-slip Blade Trader handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

Technical Specifications

This knife is part of Kershaw’s series of hunting knives—for the toughness, durability, and edge-holding capabilities your next hunting trip demands.

Scallop Serration
Serrations assist in cutting through particularly tough or fibrous material, such as rope or cord. The scalloped serration offers even cutting power on both push and pull strokes and doesn't “tear” the material as much as other serration styles.

Blade Trader
Blade Traders are knives with interchangeable blades so you can carry more knives in less space.

Rigid Nylon Sheath
This knife comes with a storage and/or carrying sheath.

Fixed Blade
The knife does not fold closed; usually stored in a sheath or blade protector.

Additional Features
• 1 handle, 3 interchangeable blades
• Hunting blade: 420J2, satin finish, 31/2 in. (8.9 cm)
• Fillet blade: 420J2, satin finish, 51/2 in. (14 cm)
• Saw blade: Saw steel, satin finish, 51/2 in. (14 cm)
• Handle: Co-polymer
• Weight: 13.1 oz. (total)
• Includes rigid-nylon sheath

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From the Kershaw Sporting Department.

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